Anthony Rugiero’s long-time friend and mentor, Frank Stella, once told him, “If you don’t like what you see – it does no good to complain — get involved – get active – do your part and make a difference.” He has spent over 20 years dedicated to making a difference, by endorsing candidates who embrace traditional values, by lobbying for laws and services that improve his community and people’s lives. Throughout the years he has supported Presidential candidates, judges and senators in their bid for office based not on their party affiliation, but their affiliation with Anthony’s belief of American values recognizing that we elect the candidate that is best qualified.

Working on behalf of his community has always been important to Anthony and getting involved in area municipalities is essential. He spearheaded a campaign to pass the millage necessary to keep libraries in Dearborn Heights open and he serves on the Board for the Veteran’s Court for Southeast Michigan where he received the prestigious Veterans Outreach Project Heroes Coin award.

If he were alive today, Anthony hopes Frank Stella would be proud of all the ways that his mentorship has inspired him to get involved, get active and do his part in civic service.

Civic Service

  • Finance Chairman — 13th District Michigan Republican Party

Fundraising Event Chairman

  • David Trott for Congress June 24, 2014
  • Kick off to elect Honorable Brian K. Zahra to Supreme Court (2014)
  • Kick off to elect Honorable David F. Viviano to Supreme Court (2014)
  • Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano (2013)
  • Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon (2013)
  • Michigan Attorney General, fundraiser for 13th District Michigan Republican Party (2013)
  • Judge Gregory Bill, Judge of 3rd Circuit Court (2012)
  • Margaret M. Van Houten, Judge of the 3rd Circuit Court (2012)
  • Kick off to elect Honorable Stephen J. Markman to Supreme Court
  • Kick off to elect Honorable Brian K. Zahra to Supreme Court
  • Reception for Justice Cliff Taylor (2008)
  • Reception for Michael Bouchard
  • Reception to reelect Governor Jennifer Granholm
  • Reception for “The Supreme Court Justices” (2000)
  • To elect Ruth Johnson for Secretary of State (2010-2011)
  • To elect Bill Schuette Attorney General (2010)
  • To Elect Rick Snyder for Governor of Michigan (2010)
  • Dick DeVos for Governor of Michigan (2006)
  • Michael Bouchard for U.S. Senate (2006)
  • Justice Stephen Markman for reelection (2004)
  • Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus for Governor of Michigan (2002)
  • Reception for Justice Cliff Taylor (1998)
  • Bob Dole for President National Campaign (1996)
  • Dearborn Italian –American Political Action Committee (1998)
  • Justice Campaign Kickoff – David Viviano and Joan Larson
  • Honorable Thomas Hathaway Reception
  • Bill Runco for State Board of Education
  • Reception honoring Judge Kurtis T. Wilder
  • Tom Leonard for State Representative
  • Wayne County Executive Warren Evans state of the county address